Tuesday, November 29, 2016

[FIFA 14] Gameplay Mod v1.3 (More Aggressive) - RELEASED

Changelog version 1.3:

More IA aggressive added to CPU

Changelog version 1.2:

Better balance between CPU and User.
Now is full compatible with Irkin Lexa mods.
More Agression and stability for CPU 
Better balance between the defensive and offensive actions.
Shots have been changed in v1.1 to improve the gameplay
Speed changed in game to close to a real game

Download Link:

Download Here v1.3

Gameplay Mod Update 1.3.1 (Bugs and crashes fixed)

Download Link:

Gameplay Notes:

This gameplay mod is compatible with ModdingWay Mods and our FIFEvo 2017 Patch.
You need to copy the content in "db" and rebuild all the files.
If you have problems you can contact with us in this post.
We will try to improve this mod in the future.


Francesco, Arnold83 and StevenMcI.


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